About us

Cauchos Karey was founded in 1986 as an initiative of its mother company, Grupo Karey, made up of the companies Karey & Solano Footwear, Plásticos Karey and Cauchos Ebro. The new company decided to set up business in the province of Alicante in order to manufacture and distribute expanded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and vulcanized RUBBER sheets.

Since its very beginning, Cauchos Karey bets for diversifying lines of products and internationalize them, leading the company to be, nowadays, a global benchmark in half-finished and finished products from EVA materials and other polymers blends.

Ocevan, trademark registered by Cauchos Karey, presents its newest product line, which perfectly combines the foamed material with the needs and uses of the Nautical Industry.

SeaDek stablished a reference in the American Marine industry with its original product and nowadays the brand can be found in the most recognized boat builders. Since more than a decade, SeaDek is the preferred option for end users from the 5 continents thanks to the great performance of our EVA material in components for all kind of boats. The close collaboration between Cauchos Karey & SeaDek throughout OCEVAN is a big step towards the strategic consolidation of the company inside the marine industry.