Marine traction decking system

With over 30 years of experience manufacturing EVA and other polymeric foams, we introduce you to SeaDek, featuring an innovative non-skid marine traction decking system.

Ocevan offers turnkey projects including measuring, designing, customizing, drawings with quote presentation as well as final installation.


• Closed cell EVA foam copolymer.

• Non-absorbent.

• Structure of micro air cells, superior cushioning and light weight.

• Engineered high quality material specially developed including uv-resistant treatments that prevents from polymer degradation.


• Totally customizable. Helps to bring your new or old boat a modern and restyled look.

• Non-skid. Exceptional traction when wet or dry.

• Unparalleled comfort when standing, walking or leaning on boat surfaces.

• SeaDek reduces thermal transfer and cools faster than traditional or other

synthetic decking products.

• Provides protection for boat surfaces as well as isolation and noise/vibration reduction.

• Peel-and-stick application makes it easy to install and requires no mounting hardware while boat is dry docked or mooring.

• Highly stain resistant, easy to clean, low maintenance required.

• Shock absorption which decreases fatigue.

• International SeaDek guarantee.


• Formulated with an acrylic based high-bond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

• Available on a wide range of colors, textures, finishes. SeaDek is the best option on decks and boat interiors.

• Sports & commercial fishing, motor and sailing boats, commercial marine, ski boats, personal water craft, platforms are just few of the unlimited applications for SeaDek.